Road trips are the best because there is a great surprise waiting ahead at the end of the road, You never know what is to come when you reach at the end of the road you are following.

Why road trips are the best
If you consider yourself as a traveller then one thing is for sure you consider road trips as the best trips. I am very much found of the road trips since I was a child, I remember How excited I used to be to Start of a trip which include the road journey I was never excited to sit in a train but cars,Buses which runs on the roads just gives immense joy from within.
The trees passing by, the cold breeze you feel on your face and sometimes the wind saying something in your ears and the scenic view with the flexibility of seeing the things from wherever you want is the best things in road trips.
There are a few points which describe road trips as the best option and you should opt for road journeys as much as you can.


The road trips are considered the best to increase the bonding between the family and friends. If you never ever been on a road trip with your family just plan it once. You will feel the difference instantly just after the trip. It is great interaction between the once travelling on a road trip together like one is checking the road other is checking the maps and guiding you another person is keeping a keen eye on the next stop where you will stop for eating and many more things.




Road trips are the best of the means that Cuts you away from the world of the internet and makes you interact with your loved ones for hours this can happen when you are on a road journey with your friends and family and believe me this is a need of today’s hectic lifestyle, I would suggest each one of us should plan a road trip with his family and friends every month this will benefit you and definitely stronger your bond.


You will agree with the fact that with roads you get the best of the views wherever you go because at the end of the road there is something superb waiting to look at sometimes a great surprise too. The best thing with the road trips is that you can stop to whatever view you want.
You can feel from my writing that I am really a fan of road journeys because it fulfils all of my requirements always.


Road journey offers you great flexibility of wearing your own choices of clothes, You can just wear anything when it comes to road journeys like the one torned jeans you always wanted to wear on a trip but can’t wear in trains or in flights, A funky t-shirt that you always wished you can wear which has been waiting long in your wardrobe or a pair of flip flops these are the best thing you can enjoy with the road journeys.



Suppose you are stuck in a boring weekend and you just not want to tire your eyes in the web series or you are pissed off by visiting the same old not so changing malls, again and again.So what else are you waiting for?Just get the keys of your car to check coolant and fuel and start of your cars engine and head on the road. The best part of the unplanned trips is they are always the best plans and It’s my personal experience that whenever I had an unplanned trip they come out to be the best ones when I compare them with the planned ones.

Why road trips are the best
These are indeed the trips where the roads decide the course and the destination and the surprise lies ahead at the end of the road.


Roads trips are always light on your pocket but only if you are travelling in a group, The road journeys are always economical whether you are hiring a vehicle or travelling with your own they are way cheaper than other means of travel.Why road trips are the best

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My main aim of writing about this topic is to realise the importance of the road trips as a traveller because I have found the roads to be the best means of connection between the countries, states ,cities and most importantly the hearts of the people travelling together.

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I believe after reading this blog You will be  definitely planning for the road trip soon with your loved ones and tick my points whether I was right or wrong.

As you all know already know Sharing is spreading love and knowledge so keep sharing and keep spreading love.


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