The 10 biggest travel mistakes and how to avoid them

The 10 biggest travel mistakes and how to avoid them

I would say I probably travel a bit more than an average person. And also I have been through most travel scenarios you can think of, I have been 7-8 hours early to the flight.

I have also arrived at the airport when my flight was boarding, I have also had my flights canceled, I have also seen thunderstorm while in flight.

I have stayed in five-star hotels and also stayed in motels and hostels. I have been to sort of every public transport you can imagine of and through all these are the ten travel mistakes I regret making of and want you to make aware of these ten biggest travel mistakes and how to avoid them that most of you might also have made at any point of your life.

This can prove to be the best travel tips ever on the biggest travel mistakes.



Forgetting your phone charger in your hotel room or home, I have a tendency or you can say a habit of charging my phone overnight right by my bed and then I forget to grab my charger.

This can be the most frustrating thing for a frequent traveler because then you are at the airport without your phone charger and then your battery dies and you are kind of screwed.

Sometimes you need to buy an overpriced phone charger, I once bought an overpriced charger at the airport @ 50$.

So what I have learned from this that now I keep one spare charger in my carry on just for my travels.


Always carry an eye mask, I never use an eye mask when I am at my home but I realized the importance of an eye mask when I stayed at a hostel.

In a hostel, you have to share your room and everybody has their own rights to stay awake whether you are tired and need to sleep like I did when I was staying at a hostel in Kochi.

I was not able to sleep because of the other person in my room who was awake till 4 am, As he was using his personal table lamp but still it was enough to affect my sleep.

I also realized the importance of an eye mask when I was flying from Abu Dhabi to Sao Paulo Brazil.

You need to have an eye mask because you don’t know about your co-passenger sitting next to you. If he needs to read a book he will definitely turn on the light and read and you can do nothing for this because everybody has their own personal space and you can’t point to somebody that you need to sleep and the light of his laptop or reading light is disturbing you.

So the conclusion is you must always carry an eye mask with you or one time or later you will definitely suffer as I did.



Never buy a black bag, yes, in my opinion, you should avoid buying Black bags, this is because of the fact that most of the travel bags are black in color.

Don’t believe me ?? ok on your next trip just count the number of black bags, I am sure you will count at least 75-80 bags out of hundred having black color.

If you are carrying a black bag with you there are chances that you will pick someone else bag from the conveyor belts.

This had happened with me once and believe me this is awkward when you realize that the bag which you have picked up is not your property.



Do brief research about the place before arriving,This will help you in many ways.

Suppose you are out in a brand new city and you came across a monument but wait you haven’t researched and you have no clue what you are looking at and when you get back to your hotel room you are like oh, what have I done the monument which I had no clue about have such a strong history associated with it.

So, always plan and research about the places you will be exploring, Nowadays it is a lot easier to know about something from the internet.

Just read the travel blogs and watch videos about the place you will explore this will be more than enough to make your travel blissful.


Always carry dust bag for your shoes.

Just imagine a scenario of packing your bag containing white ironed clothes and now you are putting your shoes with all of your shinning clothes. Isn’t it bad??

Just carry a dust bag for your shoes,they are indeed a great help.



Flights can take off early !! Yes, flights can take off early, I never knew it but once I was about to miss my flight then I encountered the fact that yes if the flights have had all their passengers check-in in time and they have done all their prechecks they can take off 10-15 minutes before.

Once I had to catch my flight from Delhi to Mumbai and I was sitting in a McDonald’s outlet preparing my next blog post with loud headphones on my ears.

A flight attendant was shouting someone’s name which I realized after 2-3 minutes that it was me, Believe me, it was very awkward and yes this day I realized yes flights can take off before time also.



Avoid room service when you visit a new place, You are there to enjoy the place to know the culture of that place go out to explore the restaurants nearby and eat local food.

Otherwise when you get back to your home and you will be encountering to someone who is from the same place which you visited or he knows about the place and asks you about the famous dish of the place, What you will reply??

So, Always go out and eat the local food the street food and explore more.

Definitely Order the food in your room when you are not able to go out or not feeling well.


Late checking in to your flights.

Avoid late check in to your flights, As soon as you reach the airport the very first thing to do is to check-in and then do whatever you want to do.

This is because early check in’s gives you the upper hand to select the seat of your choice. Otherwise, you are stuck with the seat that airlines gave you.



You must have a lock with yourself if staying at a hostel.

Most of the hostel provides you with a lock but the quality is so bad that you can’t relly on that lock to safeguard your belongings.



Not keeping Xerox of the Passport and important documents.

Keep this in mind that before stepping out of your home for the trip you must have a copy of your Passport, Visas and important travel-related documents.

I would suggest you mail your passports and documents to yourself, By mailing them you will have an excess to them whenever you wish to.

So these were some mistakes which I have made and learned from these mistakes,Sharing will make sure that you all will never repeat the same mistakes while traveling which I have made.

As you all know that sharing is spreading love and knowledge so keep sharing and keep spreading love!!


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