Merchant navy a profession lesser-known

Merchant navy a profession lesser-known

I am not a traveler but my profession has given me a great opportunity to see the whole world and travel to new places. As you all are already familiar with the fact that I am a sailor and through this blog, I would be telling you all about what do I do on a ship and my daily routine and also the most famous and always encountered question which each and every seafarer come throughout their career of the Merchant navy.

As I am soon be joining the ship from china, if I will be getting the chance to visit any new place I would definitely be sharing it with you all.

Let’s just cover some of the most famous doubts that most of the non-mariner’s have in their minds and the questions which I usually face from time to time.

Merchant navy

So do you fight with our enemy countries? Damn NO!! That is done by the respected and disciplined defense (NAVY) we are only to earn money (dollars).

Do you work underwater? A BIG NO!! Those which you see in the movies the things which move underwater those are the submarines definitely not us,They are also the defense personals of the respected countries.

what does it feels like being in the water all the time?? I am definitely not having gills and I can’t breathe underwater at all. I am as much as the human that you all are I am not different than you all. I am just responsible for moving the ship full of cargo from given point A to B that’s it.

I am always stuck with this kind of weird questions and have no escape, So today I am writing this post in a hope that people would stop asking me such silly questions and also respect the life and family of seafarers which some of you don’t do.

Sometimes the inside of me wants to shout at the questions  and reply to them rudely but wait this is not their fault the profession which I am into is an isolated profession and merely nobody, yes I can say nobody knows about it exactly until and unless, One of your close relative or a loved one works in merchant navy.

These were some of the questions which I wanted to share with you all, Now just let me just give you all a brief idea about the field in which I work some brief idea and the hardship which a  Merchant navy guy faces in his day to day life.

In simple words, I can say that we move the world at most 90% of the world export and import is done through the ships and waterways. We load the cargo like wheat, rice, juice, petroleum, sugar, crude oil let it be anything we load it in one country and discharge it into another country as simple as that,I will not go deep into different categories of cargo ships and all it is a humongous topic to cover so just keep it simple to understand. As I said earlier we move the world.

Being a merchant navy professional I do have to be very calculative, planned person and should have the ability to take right decisions at right time, Because if you don’t take the right decisions at the right time than you might not get the time or opportunity to rectify it or reverse it.As you will be sailing as soon as your vacations are over.

Comparing with the others they have the time to rectify it as they are not cut off from the society they are the part of the society but we are not when we are sailing we are never the part of the society. Our social life is almost zero.

Merchant navy

A seafarer has infact so much to do onboard the ship that he only gets the time to talk to his family and loved ones. And I don’t know you all people from the age of free net and 5G/4G would believe it or not but in the middle of the sea we only get limited Internet with 2G speed in 2019 and This differs from ship to ship if you are lucky you can get a speed of 3G with good data pack for use through your ships wifi  or If  you are more lucky  you will not be getting the ship that has no internet onboard no wifi nothing ,You just have to wait for the port and buy a sim card to use internet or make a call to your home. Sometimes it can also take A month to reach a port. Just imagine no contact with your friends and family for such a long long time can really kill you from inside.

But this is what we are made of  Strong and our family and friends stronger. Many people come to me saying that you are living a hard life you must be a strong man, But no I think from my perspective  all the families who have their loved one as a seafarer are stronger than we as a seafarer are ,They must be respected at all times ,You never know what hardships they face when their son, husband, Brother etc  are not around them when they need them the most, they even can’t share their things at times when they need to. Our families wait patiently and desperately for our calls, Because they know we as seafarers can never attend the calls because most of the time we are out of reach in the middle of nowhere.

Most respected is the wife of a mariner who has made the real sacrifice by choosing a seaworthy person as their life partner huge respect to them from the bottom of my heart.

Just imagine you want to talk to your husband or wives and you have to share something very  very important to him or her but wait you can’t make a call he is not reachable, What if your husband works on land what will happen if he is into some very important meeting he will not pick up your call but he will call you in an hour or two ,But here as a seafarers wive you could have to wait for hours or even for days to tell that important thing to your love and I tell you what really happens if you can’t talk in a day or two that important thing is not so longer important either it has been solved or finished.

I would like to clarify a thing here that I constantly used the word he here but the field Merchant navy is no longer a male dominant field anymore.

This happens to us all the time. Sorry, but I got emotional and went off-topic but all the things mentioned are worth mentioning before you get to know my routine and nature of work I do onboard the ship through my contract.

I am about to join a ship soon and I will definitely be sharing my routine and experiences which I go through when I am sailing, My contract will be of around 5-6 months and I am joining this ship as a fourth engineer. It is a VLCC (Very large crude carrier).

There are around four to five engineers on a ship responsible for the smooth operation of all the types of machinery inside the engine room or associated with the ship.

In simple words, I am the person responsible for all the Paper works, Sounding of the tanks, Bunkering (Fuel intake just like to tackle the fuel from the pump when you are on reserve or about the empty), watchkeeping and helping and maintaining different types of machinery and their parameters.

We as engineers are also the person responsible for troubleshooting of types of machinery, if anything goes wrong inside the machine,The company sends the dedicated engineers only if the troubleshooting goes out of our hands.

We work day and night without any holidays all trough our contact period and then go home after finishing our contract. In between our tenure period comes many challenges except the challenges of the families and our personal lives, Professional challenges are also not less, sometimes we have to face really humongous waves and worse weather as we sail through the oceans. These weather conditions can also lead to seasickness which I always a challenge for us but there are no excuses, You have to get up and work out your ass to keep moving the ship and deliver the cargoes on time. This is what we are paid for? right.

Sometimes we have to work non stop with sleepless nights at a stretch of 36-40 hours. In my last contract, I still remember when we were en route brazil to argentina the schedule was so tight that we didn’t have the time sleep also and I worked continuously for two days without sleeping.

Let’s now stop this post otherwise it will be too boring and lengthy with I don’t want it to be,The real reason I made my mind to write this post it to only give all of you a brief idea about what I do and the things I face when I am sailing or working onboard the ship during my contract period,Now I wish my readers do have a good idea about my professional life and also about this not so very famous profession of the merchant navy.

Do tell me in the comments section about the post. I will soon be telling you about the routines I go through on my new ship and about the Merchant navy.

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