I am sure that Each and everyone has made the plans for Leh Ladakh, Especially a road trip to Leh Ladakh.

And I am pretty sure about the fact that many of you have only made the plans and never ever fulfilled it.

Just two days ago we heard a historical decision and a great change by our Indian Government by demolishing Article 370.

Short information for those who are not aware of Article 370, This article gave Jammu and Kashmir along with Leh Ladakh a special status allowing it to have a separate constitution and separate flag and autonomy over the internal administration of the state.

Many of you will definitely plan your visit to the heavenly beautiful place of Leh Ladakh.

Best time to visit -The best time to visit Leh Ladakh is the month between May to September so, this is the perfect month to start with your trip to Leh Ladakh.

In this post, I will be giving you the itinerary for your five days stay in Leh Ladakh.

With fabulous landscapes, Beautiful mountains covered with snow, Desert in between snow, with amazing people and culture, Leh Ladakh is truly a heaven on earth.

Leh ladakh


You should start your trip by visiting Shanti stupa and Leh market.

Shanti stupa is such a fascinating place for one to go to, A definite wonderful place for the calm and peace lovers. You will definitely have a great relaxing time hearing the birds chirping while you are meditating is a great pleasure here.

It is a must-visit place for the nature lovers, But I would like to correct myself here the place Leh Ladakh is the place where each and every place is heavenly beautiful and a must-visit place for the nature lover.

for Shoppers, Leh market is the heaven you can shop as much as you can right from pashmina, jewelry, Tibetan scarf and lots more.


Just try to relax a bit on your Initial days as your body will adjust because of the sudden low oxygen and the high altitudes.

As you all are aware that as you go to the top altitudes the oxygen level drops down and your ears also start to pop up so give time to your body and relax a bit in your initial two days. In short, don’t keep your exploration schedule too tight or you will be highly exhausted.

The place Sangam is a small little place where the Indus river and another local river meets each other, the place is simply Majestic and Beautiful.

This place is also known as the world’s highest rafting point. Yes, Indeed love for the river rafters.


A 2 HOURS drive from Leh a point known as Khardungla pass, A beautiful place and what tremendous views from here a must-visit for everyone visiting Leh.

Another 3 hours drive from Khardungla pass will take you to the Nubra valley, Yet another magical place in Ladakh, A real desert at such a high altitude is less than a magical show here in Ladakh.


This place is really really peaceful and divine. This place is a very old but beautiful place in Ladakh.

After Diskit monastery, you can head back to Leh. This road journey will be an always to remember road journey because of the beautiful views it offers.


The sparkling blue Pangong lake in Leh Ladakh, Is situated at a height of 4350 meters.

The lake is about 12 km long and extends from India to Tibet, Because of its altitude the lake froze in winters, The temperature varies from -5 to 10 degrees here.

And guess what this amazing lake also does change its color.

The sublime beauty and crystalline water here makes it a perfectly beautiful and superb picturesque place to visit here in Leh Ladakh.

I have only given you a short description of all the places that you should definitely visit If you are going to Leh Ladakh for your vacations.

And yes it is an injustice to describe this heavenly beautiful place, I am nobody to describe the beauty of this gifted place. I can proudly say that I am happy that this immensely beautiful Leh Ladakh is part of our country.

So, If you were the one who was waiting for the perfect time to visit Leh Ladakh, Your time has come just pack your road trip clothes and get set go to visit this beautiful place well crafted by our mother nature.

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Leh Ladakh

All Image courtesy google and Pixabay.

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