Kushinagar | Travel Guide

Kushinagar | Travel Guide

This week I was in a mood of a road trip and it had been quite a long for me to go even on a short road trip as well , After my Ayodhya trip I didn’t plan for any road trips even shorter one,So Today I will embark my journey to a peaceful and  divine place situated in Uttar Pradesh, Kushinagar and bring you all the best travel Itinerary one can plan for there one day visit to Kushinagar.

This city has it’s own importance and history associated with it and is At a distance of 300 km from Lucknow.

Kushinagar, the capital of Mallas, also called as kushinara, It is a beautiful place to visit and all of the temples here can be easily covered in a single day.

How to reach-

The nearest airport to the city Kushinagar is the Gorakhpur airport having flight connectivity from almost all the major cities of India. Gorakhpur is exactly 50 km from Kushinagar. The condition of the roads to Kushinagar is fantastic, So a road trip from Lucknow or Gorakhpur will be a great plan.

If you are planning to visit Kushinagar from a far land, I would suggest you reach Gorakhpur and then take a cab or a bus from Gorakhpur and plan a full day trip to Kushinagar. The busses and cabs can be easily booked from the Gorakhpur railway station.

There is also some great range for your stay in the city of Kushinagar, Whether you need a world-class hotel or you want to stay in a Dharamsala, you have all your possibilities here.

Kushinagar is quite a famous place for the people outside of India,If a person from another country plans a trip to India there is always a possibility that he will be including Kushinagar in his Itinerary.

Talking about the places to see, In fact, You have a variety of places to see here in Kushinagar, Like the Japanese temple, Chinese temple, Buddhist temple, Ramabhar stupa and much more.

As soon as you enter the city, you can spot the small redhi wala’s with lots of Indian street foods and behind them, you will see the temples. And one thing to be kept in mind that most of the temples are on the left-hand side of the roads here almost 90 percent temples is on the left-hand side (Driving)as u enter the city premises.

Ok so let’s start our Itinerary for a day in this peaceful and divine city of Gautam Buddha Kushinagar.

The first place for your visit will be the LINH SON VIETNAM CHINESE BUDDHIST TEMPLE


A very calm, Peaceful and divine place to visit in the city, One thing which I liked is you have to register down your name and a number of persons accompanying with you inside each and every temple and you must have to show an Identity card of yourself before entering into any of these temples here.

This whole process obviously strengthens the security process as well as makes a legitimate count of the number of peoples visiting the city each day.

By the way, I was on 501 when I registered my name before entry, So you can say that a good amount of tourists are visiting the city each day and I also saw names from different countries as well in the register.

So it felt good to see the tourism industry of Uttar Pradesh is doing well these days.

Talking about the place as I told you earlier it was just beautiful, inside you have a park, Stupas, Magnificient idols, Greenery, and majestically well-crafted architecture. It’s a really good place to kick start your trip to Kushinagar.

From the pictures below you can easily make out how beautiful the place is.


The second place is just adjacent to the first one the name of the place is MAHASUKHAM DADA CHAN THARGYI PAGODA.

The place comprises of two main things to see, one is the huge Pagoda and the other is the Buddha Sarovar just at the entrance.

The place is really very beautifully designed especially the pagoda.

Some lines which I wrote down which was written just in front of the pagoda-Ksitigarbha boddhisatva is known as great vow Buddhisattava for his promise to Sakyamuni Buddha: “I will fulfill your instructions to continue to relieve beings from there state of sufferings and lead them to salvation”.


The place is really picturesque and calm, Make sure to not make any noise here. take a round of the pagoda and chill at the Buddha Sarovar before moving ahead.

The third stop for you should be just in front of the Pagoda on the other side of the road, that is the BIRLA TEMPLE.

Again a very calm place to see here with greenery all around the temple.

The fourth stop for you after the Birla temple is 1 km away, That is MAHAPARINIRVANA STUPA


According to the Mahaparinirvana sutta, Is one of the four most sacred places as declared by Buddha himself. Here Buddha breathed his last and attained parinirvana on the full moon day of the visaaka (April-may) month.

The body is believed to have been cremated with due honors by the mallas of Kushinagara near Makutabandhana chaitya.

The remains unearthed here they comprise the main stupa, the nirvana temple on a raised platform surrounded by a group of monasteries on the western side, A group of the small-sized stupa with carved bricks and ornamental plasters on the southern side.

A large two-tiered brick platform and small-sized stups partly concealed beneath the main stupa on the eastern side and votive stupas and monasteries on the northern side ranging in date from Maurya period (3rd century BC) to (10th century AD).


Numerous Antiquities such as inscribed clay seals, gold and silver coins, terracotta figurines have been recovered during the course of archaeological excavation.


The main stupa with the shrine in front, From the focus of the extensive remains and both stand on the same platform of 2.74m in height. The stupa with its cylindrical base and dome is 19.81m. high from the ground level.


Your next stop is just 300m from the Mahaparinirvana stupa MATHA KAUR SHRINE.

The shrine with a Colossal statue of Buddha forms the part of a large monastic complex. The statue 3.05m in height is carved out of bluestone of the Gaya region and represents Buddha under the bodhi tree in the bhumisparsh mudra(Earth touching attitude).

The inscription of the pedestal of this image datable to 10-11 century A.D. records the construction of the shrine by a local Kalachuri chief.

The excavations conducted in the 1876 A.D. by Carlyle and later by archaeologists revealed the original shrine on the west with the Buddha statue surrounded by an ambulatory path and a monastery attached to the east consisting of an open courtyard with rows of rooms in north, south, and east.

The existing temple housing the Buddha image was build in 1927 A.D., The entire complex once formed a large group of subsidiary monuments surrounding the main stupa and nirvana temple.

After this, you will be visiting a beautiful Thai temple at a distance of 1 km from Matha Kaur shrine.


The name of the temple is WAT THAI KUSHINARA CHELAMRAJ, A Great place for the Instagrammers here in Kushinagar a well crafted and designed Thai temple for your visit. Another marvelous beautiful temple you must visit in Kushinagar.


One thing that is mentionable in all the temples here is the essence of the country each and every temple has like this thai temple has an essence and presence of Thai culture likewise each and every temple representing the country has their specific cultural presence of the particular country.


Just 100 meters from the wat thai temple is Srilanka buddha vihar, Here you will not find anything interesting to watch out for but you should visit this Srilankan temple too, It has a beautiful small idol of Buddha residing just at the entrance of the temple.

After SriLankan buddha vihar just 500 meters away is the last spot of your visit to Kushinagar, RAMABHAR STUPA

This stupa is situated near a pond named ramabhar perhaps represents the site of cremation of Lord Buddha, The Buddhist traditions refers to this stupa is Makutabandhana chaitya.


It was excavated in 1910 A.D. revealing remains of brick floor and corners of the wall in the center and a part of a circular drum which was finally exposed in the 1956 A.D.

The huge circular drum of the stupa measures 34.14 MT in diameter resting over the circular plinth with two or more terraces.

The main stupa is surrounded by the subsidiary structures besides votive stupas, A good number of clay seals, ornamental bricks etc have been recovered in the excavations.

The place consists of a lush green park and this is also said to be the very last tourism spot in the city, So relax a bit here in the park enjoy the greenery all around the rambhar stupa.


If you are looking for a place where you can find yourself and indulge in meditation then you can head to Vipassana meditation center 6 km from the ramabhar stupa.

So, this is your full-day itinerary for your visit to this beautiful and divine place of Kushinagar in the state of Uttar Pradesh.

Here you can have the glimpse of a country’s culture through its temples and one can enjoy the Magnificient green parks around most of the temples. It’s a great getaway for you on a weekend or for a day.

Talking about the food you can enjoy street food almost everywhere there are plenty of small food trucks almost everywhere in front of each and every temple, If you prefer good quality restaurants they are also in plenty numbers here. So, this place has everything for you to enjoy and spend a marvelous day here.

Although I didn’t find anything very special to eat here if anyone of you knows about any food specialties of Kushinagar do comment in the comment section.

If you loved this post do share it with your family and friends so that I can be a helping hand for them to plan their Itinerary for the visit to Kushinagar.

As you already know sharing is spreading love and knowledge, Keep sharing and keep spreading love!!


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